NABSQNO 19T-558430-4920855

NABSQNO 19T-558430-4920855
Cathedral Rock in Hancock County, Maine
Photo circa 1882, by an unknown photographer, public domain

NABSQNO 19T-558430-4920855. Cathedral Rock is a sea natural arch eroded through Bar Harbor siltstone by wave action. It is located on Mount Desert Island, east of Sand Point and Salsbury Cove, and is part of a stretch of shore cliffs known as "The Ovens". The Ovens is very interesting geologically. A description of this geology by the Maine Geological Survey is found here.

Cathedral Rock and The Ovens have been a destination of vacationers for decades and were described in travel logs as early as the 1830's. The hand-colored photo above was copied from an 1882 postcard of the area. Access is at low tide only. Today access is usually by kayak.

The arch has a span of about 3 feet, and a height of about 11 feet.

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