NABSQNO 19T-642165-4946125 (fallen)

NABSQNO 19T-642165-4946125 (f)
An unnamed arch in Washington County, Maine
Photo circa 1908, by an unknown photographer, public domain

NABSQNO 19T-642165-4946125 (fallen). This unnamed sea natural arch once framed a scenic view of Cutler Harbor from across the Little River. It appeared on maps, postcards, and tourist brochures as "Natural Bridge". Unfortunately, it collapsed in the early 1920's.

Vreeland listed this arch in his catalog as number 13-103, and stated, "The owner of the property cut down the tree, whose roots stabilized this arch, to improve his view of the ocean and the arch fell when the roots died." In the photo above, there is indeed a tree root system with a sawed-off stump that seems to lend support to the left end of the lintel. On the other hand, it is also clear that the lintel was very weak structurally. Thus, it is not obvious that the loss of the tree had much to do with the collapse of the arch.

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