NABSQNO 48R-700115-2690930

NABSQNO 48R-700115-2690930.
Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge in Guangxi Province, China
Photos by Ray Millar (left) and Steve Negler (right)

NABSQNO 48R-700115-2690930. Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge is a meander natural bridge that has eroded through Devonian karst. It is located about 2 km east of the village of Jiangzhou in Guangxi Province, China.

Measurements taken in 2010 by NABS member Gunter Welz suggest that Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge may have a span of 104 meters and a height of about 50 meters. If correct, this would mean that the arch has the second greatest span of any natural arch in the world so far documented. However, there is some dispute whether or not this span measurement was taken at the correct points. Nevertheless, a worst case estimate for the span of the arch is still 86 meters, which is comparable to the spans of Landscape Arch and Kolob Arch in Utah.

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