Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
        Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest and largest state park. From I-15, take Exit 75 onto Nevada 40 between Mesquite and Las Vegas.. It is about 11 miles to the Park entrance. The Park consists of a large area of eroded sandstone formations. There are many trails and campsites to attract the visitor as well as the interesting formations. Native Americans who lived in the area left many writings (petroglyphs) on some of the formations. Not especially noted for its natural arches, many have been discovered and documented in recent years. The author is indebted to Mr. Rob Jones, Mr. Ray Millar and Mr. Robert O'Connell for the photos.
Elephant Rock Arch Rock Lizard Ephemeral Arch Eagle Head
Elephant Rock II Arrowhead Fire Ant Unnamed Unnamed 2
Unnamed 3 Unnamed 4 Unnamed 5 Jack
Barbell Slide Boulder Mouse's Buttress White Domes
White Domes
Quarter Arch West Entrance
Unnamed 6 Unnamed 7 Unnamed 8 Unnamed 9
Unnamed 10 Unnamed 11 Unnamed 12 Unnamed 13 Unnamed 14 Unnamed 15
Unnamed 16 Open Wide Arch Cliff Arch Pavilion Arch Pretzel/Lighthouse
Par Three
Puppy Dog
Little Dumbo
Quad Arch Serpent Arch
Purple Sage
Jagged Arch Watch Tower

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