NABSQNO 32R 572602 2719970 Algeria

ALG-551, unnamed arch 133, Tin Kani Area. 4.6 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 572602 2719970. From ALG-550 (unnamed arch 132), walk along the same line of rock for another 300 meters to a significant sand dune with an acacia tree hidden behind. Walk inside a corridor of rock located behind these landmarks southeast for 200 meters to this arch, located near interconnecting corridors. The author and crew bivouacked a night on the sand dune mentioned above. We had a nocturnal visit by a poisonous viper, revealed by the glimmer of the campfire. We felt compelled to track down the viper, with a headlamp, before we felt safe to sleep. It's very tricky to track a viper at night because it moves fast. You can only see it with the pencil-like rays from the headlamp and sometimes you lose sight of it. Never forget you are in desert surroundings in a wilderness area. No rescue by helicopter is available be careful, always.

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