NABSQNO 32N 575191 2716224 Algeria

ALG-526, Ichoumar Arch I, In-Essou Area. 5 meter height (estimated). GPS 32N 575191 2716224. This nice arch is located half way between Ozaneare and In-Essou localities. It take 1 hour of hiking if you come from Ozaneare campsite before you pass beside the arch on the trail. If you comes from Rayeye site, 20 minutes are sufficient to get to the arch. The Tamahaq name "Ichoumar" is a contraction of the French name "chomeur" (unemployed person), which refers to the "clandestine people" who reach Libya in secret by crossing the plateau. The author was surprised to see here a long human caravan of about sixty "ichoumar" people coming from black Africa (usually Niger). It was a surrealist image after seeing nobody for days and days. Note the author up on the arch for scale.

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