NABSQNO 29R 473247 2729578 Algeria

ALG-481, Akzel Guelta Arch. 8.0 meter span (measured). GPS 29R 473247 2729578 (satellite photo). This arch is located near Akzel Guelta (or Aguelman Akzel in Tamahaq dialect). This big pool (pothole) is located 10 minutes drive from In-Amoureden Arch (ALG-478) or 10 minutes drive from Tilafazo area by jeep. However the guelta is not directly accessible by jeep. Drive up Oued Tasoutrat as far as possible (it's a sand trap). Then  walk Oued Tasoutrat into the large canyon approximately 20 or 30 minutes (depending where your driver stops the jeep) to the guelta. The guelta can be dry sometimes, as was the case when the author visited this canyon. Bypass the big pothole via a ledge (easy) and continue up canyon 200 meters. The arch is visible up on the rock on the right. To access the opening, climb up the ravine with caution (many loose boulders) for 10 minutes. The climb is strenious but does not require rope.The arch is worth the effort of the climb. There is an oustanding view of the area from the bench above the arch. Note the author in the arch for scale.

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