NABSQNO 29R 578767 2755819 Algeria

ALG-477, In-Abai Natural Bridge, Adrar Area. 38.0 meter span (measured). GPS 29R 578767 2755819. This arch is located in the Adrar Mountains area of the huge Tassili National Park (please do not confuse the name"Adrar" with "Tadrart" which is located 300 km to the southeast). In Bordj-El-Haoues town (140 km north of Djanet T-junction) stop at KM post 1974 an the obligatory police checkpoint. Then drive main street (Road N3) north to KM post 1972 (2 km more). 200 meters before KM post 1971, turn left between two houses, cross the Oued and drive the desert track on the flat for 50 minutes northwest toward Adrar Mountains to the famous In-Thae Guelta (which means "black guelta" in the Tamahaq dialect). In-Thae Guelta is a splendid pool of water with an abundance of reeds located below a lava waterfall. This is also at the end of the rough 4WD tracks. From there, drive back the way you came for 5 minutes (or 15 minute walk) along the lava canyon of the Oued Tabaket to In-Abai ("the hole" in Tamahaq), a big lava natural bridge located on the side of Oued Tabaket. Note the author's friend Mohamed Touggui on the top of the bridge for scale.

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