NABSQNO 32R 483786 2757217 Algeria

ALG-474, Erass Arch. 30.0 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 483786 2757217. On road N3 (between Djanet and Bordj-El-Haoues, 90km north of Djanet) or 10 km past the famous Essendilene Oued (signed), leave the paved road at KM post 2020 and drive the desert track toward an obvious valley northeast. Most of the tracks go along a faint oued. After approximately 8 km drive up a sand slope and stop on the other side. There is a oued on the right and huge fallen blocks from a tower on the left. Near the fallen blocks hike north to an obvious little pass (3 minutes) to the view of the next valley. The magnificient arch is visible from there to the north standing magically on the top of a small butte. Hike 15 minutes north to the arch.

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