ALG-466, Frison-Roche Arch, Ti-Spad Area. 18.0 meter span (measured). This great arch is located 100 meters to the north of Epaulet Arch (ALG-463). Roger Frison-Roche (1906-1999) is a famous french mountaineer who has visited the Tassili Plateau several times in the past. Here is an extract from this book Carnets Sahariens: "Here, the richness of Nature's enchantment surpasses that of all human architecture: one goes from one marvel to another.  Now, over our heads, immense dragons open their maws; now, petrified human figures stand on eternal guard, sentinals in the midst of a clearing . . . to swarm suddenly out through a giant natural arch in a fantastic village made of sandstone." This is particulary true here.

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