Desert Vista Arch
NABSQNO 32R 550055 2749776 Algeria

ALG-361, Desert Vista Arch, North Idou Area Outskirts. 7.4 meter span (measured), 8 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 550055 2749776. From ALG-358 (Outlook Arch) walk southwest 4 kilometers or so across desolate flat and outcropping rocks to find the old abandoned road of Henri Lhote expedition beside you. From this point you can see a huge isolated castle rock on the right and a cliff line on the left (east). Now, walk the old road east to the cliff line seen in the distance (your target). Once you are close of the cliff (the arch can be visible from here),  leave  the old road and climb up the talus slope (easy) to the arch. The author is silhouetted behind the opening (not inside) for scale. Also the old road is visible below the author in the plain.

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