Border Arch

ALG-341, Border Arch, Tissoukai Area Islet Five. 6.6 meter span, 6.0 meter height (both measured). From ALG-241 (Emblem Arch), walk north 300 meters to Idou Oued and cross it just before the begining of a short slot canyon with a succession of potholes. Climb up the other side to the top of the rim (easy). From there walk northeast, staying along the rock masses (do not enter the maze yet) for 400 meters until you find a flat area allowing you to walk to the other side of the reef. Cross the flat 200 meters north to the bottom and find to the right an access to the maze via a corridor (the last one). Walk inside this corridor to the arch located above the reef side. Nice view of the desert plain from this elevated arch.

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