Menkhor Arch
NABSQNO 32Q 669848 2601287 Algeria

ALG-308, Menkhor Arch, Menkhor Area. 25 meters high (estimated). GPS 32Q 669848 2601287. Once you arrive in the Menkhor Area (from the Alidemma area) along Oued Menkhor, you can seen on the left a large open pit field lined with stones. Proceed straight ahead on the tracks toward the big massif visible in the distance. Five minutes later, look on the left into a large bowl. The arch sits gracefully at the bottom of the bowl encircled by big colorful sand dunes. The relationship of the magnificient span and the great surrounding landscape around makes visiting this spot an unforgettable moment. You cannot miss the arch. Daniel Putelat standing on top of the arch in the photo provides scale.

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