Double Lintel Arch
NABSQNO 32Q 650147 2613647 Algeria

ALG-297, Double Lintel Arch, Upper Alidemma Area. 17.0 meter span(measured), 18 meter height (estimated). GPS 32Q 650147 2613647. From ALG-265 (Alidemma Arch) drive the desert tracks 3.5 km to the north toward Alidemma Oued and the canyon entrance. Check with your guide. From there, watch for a side corridor on the right (east). The arch is furtively visible at the bottom of the corridor. For a good landmark, a nice arch (not recorded here) is sitting at the corridor entrance. Drive or hike 400 meters in the corridor to the splendid Double Lintel Arch. The second opening is between the two lintels before the top of the arch. It is not visible in the photo.

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