ALG-239, Line-Up Arch 1, Tissoukai Area Islet Four. 5.4 meter span, 2.1 meter height (measured). This is a double arch. A second similar span of 5.3 meters is adjacent, but not visible in the photo. Line-Up Arch 1 is located behind the big opening of ALG-238 (Tomb Arch). The photo shows a terrific shot through three arches. Line-Up Arch is the opening in the foreground (the author is standing inside it). The second opening behind it and above the author's head is ALG-240 (Line-Up Arch 2). The third opening, outlined in shadow behind the second opening, is ALG-238 (Tomb Arch). [A similar shot can be made in Tin-Tazarift East Area (see ALG-46)].

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