NABSQNO 32R 551670 2755396 Algeria

ALG-233, Machar Jebrine Arch, Tissoukai Area Islet Four. 14.0 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 551670 2755396. From ALG-226 (Abandoned Arch), leave Islet 3 and cross the flat 150 meters to Islet 4. Then walk inside the rock masses east for about 200 meters to this wonderful arch. Machar Jebrine (1890-1981) is the famous Tuareg guide of Djanet who lead most of the Henry Lhote expeditions in the Tassili. The name of the Tassili National Park office in Djanet is in memory of Machar Jebrine. The area around ALG-233 and the whole of Islet 4 has an incredible abundance of good natural arches. Photo taken in late afternoon. See the author on top of the arch for scale.

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