NASQNO 32R 553092 2744952 Algeria

ALG-207, Base Camp Arch, Idou Area. 1.5 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 553092 2744952. From ALG 204C (Faraway Arch, continue north on the trail about 2 hours and definitely leave the giant maze area. Climb up to the desolate flat of the plateau. From there the trail connects with the old half-track road of the Henri Lhote expedition (large cairn). Follow the old road north about 2 hours (not too exciting) before arriving in sight of the thousand needles of the goal - the Idou site. Climb down the plateau by a side canyon and cross some outcropping rock to this arch and the campsite. This is probably an unofficial camp. This is a long way from the start of the trip (about 21 hours of hiking). However, the author was never bored by the great scenery of the landscape along the trail. The Idou needles can be reached via Assakao pass with a total hike of 10 hours, less than half the time via Salihohen pass). The campsite is located on the east side of the needles. Photo taken at sunrise.

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