NABSQNO 32R 570284 2730000 Algeria

ALG-159, Secret Arch, Tin Aboteka Area. 17.2 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 570284 2730000. From ALG-162 (Perched Arch), continue along the rock mass northwest for about 400 meters to a fault in the reef. Turn left (south) into a wash and walk up the dry drainage into a corridor for about 300 meters to a wash confluence. Turn right (northwest) and follow this wash 300 meters along the reef side. Once beside the GPS location, find an access into the reef by climbing a 2-meter steep wall. The arch is located about 50 meters inside the reef and is very well hidden. You cannot spot it until you are very close. The arch is very difficult to photograph but is very beautiful to the eyes.

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