NABSQNO 32R 573046 2728569 Algeria

ALG-144, Skyline Window, Sefar High Maze Area. 5 meter span by 6 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 573046 2728569. From ALG-46 proceed on the cairned trail towards Sefar. After a few hundred meters the trail leaves the "reef" and goes outside of the maze. Continue on the trail southeast across slickrock (it is hard to follow on these outcropping rocks) and along the chaotic butte for 2 km or so. Stay close to the outskirts of the "reef". Skyline Window is visible northeast on the butte just past a oued (wash) which enters into the "reef" at this point. From this landmark you leave the Tin Tazarift area and enter the Sefar area. Climbing to the photo vantage is easy but the arch is not accessible.

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