ALG-121, Gate of Tin-Aboteka, Tin-Aboteka Area. 6.2 meter span (measured) and 15 meter height (estimated). From the Tin-Tazarift official campsite (see ALG-32), climb down the big sand dune (north) and cross the bowl. The trail passes by ALG-47 (Collapsed Tower Arch) and ALG-33 (Airlock Arch), and then continues north and leaves the reef. Once outside, the trail goes along the reef side (always north) and you can see ALG-27 (Big Boulder Arch) 100 meters away on the left if you pay attention. Hike 45 minutes across flat gravel and then outcropping slick rock (north) to the Tin-Aboteka site. This trail is difficult to follow but keep in mind that you always walk along the reef of Tin-Tazarift on the left and low rock masses on the right, which are the beginnings of the Tin-Aboteka reef. I call these rocks "Little City of Rocks." Later, you enter the deep part of the reef of Tin-Aboteka by going through the Gate of Tin-Aboteka, a splendid "Arc de Triomphe."

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