Surrounding States
-Alabama has over twenty known arches.  However, included within these few are some of my favorites.
-Arkansas has over twenty arches.
-Georgia has only one documented arch.  There was one other in Providence Canyon S.P. but it collapsed. 
-Illinois has a few arches, mostly located in the southern part of the state.
-Indiana has a few arches mainly located in the southern region of the state.  The exception being Portland Arch.
-Mississippi apparently has no arches.
-Missouri, according to the publication Geologic Wonders and Curiosities of Missouri , has over 80 arches.
-North Carolina has only three documented arches.  This just tells me that there is no one out there looking for arches in the state.
-Ohio has about sixty arches.  However, location information on many of these arches are classified. 
-Virginia is mainly known for "The Natural Bridge."  There are a few more known arches there, but nothing comparable in size or level of exploitation.  
-West Virginia has less than a handful of known arches.

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