Red Deer Natural Bridge

ALBERTA: Red Deer Natural Bridge is a waterfall natural bridge (with a waterfall flowing through it) located in Banff National Park. The shortest hike to it is 14.7 miles one way so it is usually visited by backpacking. For this a backcountry camping permit is required (there are three campsites between the parking area and the bridge). There is an elevation gain of 2600 feet and two fords are required to reach the bridge. The natural bridge is situated in the valley between Oyster Peak and Mt. Douglas, on a tributary stream to the Red Deer River. The span is estimated at 11 feet and the height at 18 feet. Directions can be found in The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson. Photo by Larry Fogleman. NABSQNO 11U-569300-5709630.

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