ALG-623, Skywalk Arch, Tilenfaza Area. 8 meter height (estimated). From the view of the double spire (start of the hike to ALG-613), continue on the two-track road southwest for 4 km to the terminus (a large flat between imposing rock masses). The arch is located up on the rock on the side of a long sand dune sloping from the crest. From this view, walk along the base of the massive rock north. Once on the other side, ascend the slope of the rock fall to the top. Once on the top, find the way over on the left down to the arch. There is no major difficulty to access the top of the arch. The cairned trail used by trekkers coming from the Youf Ehakit area via the needles of Youf Ehakit also enters this area. Most people continue the hike along the two track road to ALG-602 (Cave Arch 1) — either a day hike or a jeep ride.

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