NABSQNO 32R 265695 2446755 Algeria

ALG-612, Arch Butte, Tilenfaza Area. 16 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 265695 2446755. The magnificient Arch Butte is located 1500 meters to the south of ALG-610 (Horizon Arch). The small isolated butte (not the arch) is visible from the rock above ALG-610. Once again, keep in mind the location of the arch, climb down to the ground and cross a little maze of rock to your target. The arch is located on the blind side of the small butte. Note this is a double arch. The second opening (a long vertical slit) is visible in the photo (ray of light on the opposite wall). The trip to this and the previous three arches (ALG-609, ALG-610, ALG-611) requires a lot of time. Take a day pack and enjoy the whole scenery around you (many pinnacles and other features). This is the second best arch of the Tilenfaza area — after Tilenfaza Arch (ALG-606).

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