ALG-593, Youf-Aghlal Arch, Tilenfaza Area. 13 meter span (measured). From Youf-Aghlal guelta (see introduction to Tilenfaza Area), drive toward Tilenfaza area on a jeep track to the west for 15 minutes until you pass by the side of an eroded butte with two towers. You can see the arch up on the rock looking like a cave from below. The arch seems nearly inaccessible but it is very easy and fun to climb to it on either side of the butte without any climbing aid. Photo taken from half-way up the climb. NABS member Daniel Putelat stands in the opening for scale. Note that "gh" in Tamahaq is pronounced like the English "r" so "Youf-Aghlal" is pronounced "Youf-Aralel".

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