NABSQNO 32Q 275282 2448817 Algeria

ALG-291, The Tunnel, Youf-Ehakit Area. 2.6 meter span, 5 meter height, 10.5 meters deep (measured). GPS 32Q 275282 2448817. We left the Tahaggart site and ALG-290 in the morning and drove along the big oued of Tin-Tarabine, which flows from the Hoggar mountains. Near midday, we arrived at the site of Youf-Ehakit (which means "better than tent" in the Tamahaq dialect). Matali, our driver-guide, took us on a 45 minute side-trip to a seldom-seen natural arch called locally "Le Tunnel". It is as perfectly shaped a tunnel as it would be if man-made. We used the tunnel to park the Toyota in the shade and had lunch inside. ALG-291

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