The Wine Glass
Not spectacular as an arch, but fascinating because of its form. This arch is in the 'Canyon Rims Recreation Area' south of Moab. Drive 39 miles south of Moab on US 191 and turn right at the sign. Drive another 14.5 miles and turn right onto a graded gravel road. It is 14.4 miles on this road to the Wine Glass on the left. To get a good photograph, it is necessary to walk over close to it since it is a relatively small formation. Anyone driving this far to see the Wine Glass should continue driving north about another 14 miles to visit the Anticline Overlook. This overlook is a very interesting and worthwhile destination in itself, providing spectacular views of the Cane Creek Anticline, the Potash Mine buildings, the bright blue evaporation ponds, the Colorado River, and the wide part of Cane Springs Canyon. The Canyon Rims Recreation Area is not inside Canyonlands National Park, but does adjoin it.
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