Washerwoman Through Mesa
Angel Arch (1) The Washerwoman is in the upper part of a huge monolith on the the White Rim Trail. The arch has a span of approximately 35 ft. and a vertical opening of roughly 85 ft. From the intersection of the Potash Mine Road and the White Rim Trail, it is about 13 and a quarter miles south. The author took this photo in April of 2002 through the opening in Mesa Arch (qv) using a 400mm lens on his Pentax 6x7. The White Rim Trail is accessible either from the Shafer Trail or from the Potash Mine Road. The Shafer Trail switchbacks are pretty spooky (no guard rails), but the route is a lot shorter than the Potash Mine Road. If using the Shafer Trail, be sure to check at the Island-in-the-Sky Visitor's Center before starting out.
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