Twin Arches-North Arch(1)
Two arches referred to as North Arch and South Arch are located in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The Area overlaps the Kentucky-Tennessee border, these two arches being located in Scott County, Tennessee. There are two Visitors centers, one in the town of Stearns, KY, and one 15 miles west of Oneida, TN on State Rt. 297. The Park Headquarters is also on on Rt. 297, but 9 miles west of Oneida. It is said that there are so many un-reported and un-discovered arches in the Area that it could be the home of the largest group of arches in the East. Stop at a Visitor's Center for directions to these and other arches. North Arch has a span of 92 feet and South Arch, 76 feet. For a different view of this arch see Twin Arches-North Arch(2).
Photo by Robert O'connell
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