Skylight Arch
Skylight  Arch This arch is located alongside Hwy 89 just north of the Arizona/ Utah border. The car park for the arch is in Utah at milepost 1.7. The mileposts are measured from the Arizona/Utah border west of Page, AZ and count-up along Hwy 89 to Kanab, UT. For reference, the car park is at approximately 12S 0447261E. 4097265N WGS84 on the north side of the road. From the car park, look SW at the top of the sandstone cliffs for the arch. Approx. UTM 12S 446811E 4096922N WGS84. The arch is of the "caprock" variety, and is in more durable Dakota Sandstone which caps the softer Entrada Sandstone.
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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