Shortcut Arch
Shortcut Arch Travel Hwy 95 between Hanksville and Blanding, UT to approximately milepost 53.2 (milepost 0 is at Hanksville) Here, you are near a sharp, sweepinig bend in the road. Leave the Hwy on the west side, then go under the highway, through a narrow concrete underpass- and into and out of White Canyon. Then drive the switchbacks to the top and continue on Rd. 2731. It's roughly 3 miles from Rt. 95 to Shortcut Arch, which will be on the right, about 50 ft. above the road.
Beware! Eyeball the drainage and the skies before attempting this drive through. Rd. 2731 wanders along a side drainage toward Rd 2081. Road 2081 continues to the Sundance Trail area for the Dark Canyon Wilderness.

Photo and directions
Rob Jones

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