Shofar Arch
Shofar Arch This arch is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in a side branch of Shofar Canyon. It is accessed from the Hole- in-the-Rock Road because of the absence of roads on the east side of the Escalante River in this area. Stan Wagon and his companions came upon this arch during a 9 day backpack trip which started at the Forty Mile Ridge trailhead. Read Stan’s trip report at his website, for a description of their route to this remote arch. First, click on “Utah Canyon Country” and then click on “Lower East Side”, and then click on “Trip Reports”. Note that their route includes fording the Escalante River. For some avid hiker wishing to visit this arch, some research might reveal a shorter route to the arch than the circuitous route followed by Stan and his companions.

Photo by David Nebel

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