Shiptons Arch, aka Tushuk Tash
Fifty seven years ago, British explorer, Eric Shipton first visited the Arch, although it was clearly visible 20 miles away from a small Chinese Village. In 2000, a National Geographic team re-discovered the Arch (see December 2000 issue). This team failed to find it from the southerly route which Shipton had taken, and then aproached it from the north. They were not having much luck from this aproach either, when a Chinese shepherd boy gladly agreed to show them the way. Guides are now available in Kashgar for anyone wishing to visit the Arch. Lacking a super wide angle lens, Jamie Maslin took several photos and created a montage showing most of the 1200 foot height of the world's highest arch. For the story of Jamie Maslin's trek to the Arch, see A Visit to Shiptons Arch"

Photo Montage by Jamie Maslin

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