Horseshoe Cove Arch

Horseshoe Cove Arch
Please read the precaution regarding tides in the Bay of Fundy in the caption for Wasson Bluff Arch. Follow Rt. 2 into Parrsboro, Nova Scotia and then get on Rt. 209 heading west. As you get close to East Advocate, follow the signs to Cape D'Or. The road to Cape D'Or is unpaved but is very passable to regular passenger cars. There is a hotel and restaurant in Cape d'Or. About 1 mile before the parking lot in Cape D'Or, there is a small road to your left. Park here and walk the short distance down the road to Horseshoe Cove. The arch is to the right, but not visible from this location. Keep going to the right around one or two small pieces of land that jut into the Bay of Fundy. The arch is not visible until you are basically on top of it; so don't give up and your persistence will be rewarded. As it takes some time to get to this arch, time your visit very carefully with the tide to avoid getting stranded.

Photo by
Robert O'Connell

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