Bulwark Arch
This Arch is in Mee Canyon. Do not try to hike to this Arch without a companion and a GPS. The route starts at the Knowles Canyon Trailhead. Go to the Glade Park store (see Marble Canyon Arch (1) for way to Glade Park). Go north on 16.50 Road for a half mile and turn left onto BS.00 road. Follow this Road for 11.6 miles to the Knowles Canyon Trailhead. From the trailhead, hike until the single-track trail meets the old DT 4wd Trail. Instead of following the sign to Knowles Canyon (left) turn right instead. Hike NE to the next main intersection of old 4wd roads at N390433.55 W1085255.71. Turn left and hike to a 4wd road intersection at N390459.06 W1085332.63. Turn right and hike to the end near a cow water reservoir. At this point, head approximately north across terrain to N390604.05 W1085337.95. Climb down to the base of the Entrada sandstone and follow the canyon rim left until you get to the Arch. This is the most direct route to the base of the Arch. It is possible to see it from the rim, but it is hard to find and not very spectacular from that perspective. This hike is about a 20 mile round trip and strenuous.
Directions and photo by Craig Shelley
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