Door Ajar Arch
The arch is located in Westwater Canyon of the Colorado River on the southeast wall of the Canyon between Marble Canyon and Star Canyon in a fin between two small canyons with drainage direct to the River. The Arch will be visible to a person rafting Westwater Canyon. That view shows the overall shape of the Arch better than this close-up view. The explored land route is from Colorado. Refer to the directions to "Marble Canyon Arch 1" and "Marble Canyon Arch 2". Continue down Marble Canyon to its confluence with the Colorado and then follow the SE bench of the Chinle formation above the River SW to the arch. The estimated span of the arch is 50 ft. with an opening height of about 60 ft. NAD 83 UTM coordinate Zone 12 is 0660591E 4317007N.

Photo and directions by
Craig Shelley

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