Crown Double Arch
      Refer to “Black Ridge Canyons” and take the Black Ridge Hunter Access Road. Follow the directions to West Rim Arch; but continue past the gate on the abandoned road for about a mile. Then head left, descending first a small cliff, and then coming to the actual rim of Mee Canyon where you must find a way down onto the Kayenta bench below the rim and the floor. The entrance place is a 10 foot drop requiring moderate climbing skills (YDS Class 3-no rope needed, use hands and feet). The entrance place is at UTM 12S (1927datum) 682200E, 4333650N. You will not spot the way until you are right on top of it. Once on the Kayenta bench, continue around to the right (north) as the bench wends its way down-canyon. Crown Double Arch is at UTM 12S 681900E, 433450N; and Two Feathers is just a little way further along at UTM 12S 682050E, 4333950N. Still further along is Will Minor Arch (which Stan has not visited). You then exit the broken slope that you just passed after Crown Double Arch to regain the rim (exit near UTM 12S 682200E, 4333650N) and wander E and NE to strike the road that you started on, which can be taken back to the gate in perhaps 3 miles, then back up the main road the 0.7 miles to your car.

    Directions and photo by Stan Wagon

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