Battleship Rock Triple Arch
      John Otto has been called the Father of Colorado National Monument. He was an eccentric person; and was the Monument’s first Ranger. He is said to have stashed record books throughout the Park, supposedly having stored many in a location called “The Cave of Records”. Mr. Doug Hermanson had been searching for this “Cave of Records” without success when he asked the author if he had any information regarding its location. Mr. Tom Van Bebber, creator of the World Arch Database and president of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society provided the author with the information that “The Cave of Records” is actually Battleship Rock Triple Arch located, not in Colorado N.M. but nearby in Glade Park, which is south of the Monument. If there were ever any records stored in it, they have long disappeared. To obtain permission to enter, the author can provide the name of the owner and his telephone number as well as directions.

    Photo by Doug Hermanson

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