Powell Point Arch
Powell Point Arch Powell Point is an easily recognizable feature from any of the overlooks in Bryce Canyon. Its steep bluff marks the southern end of the Table Cliffs Plateau (also the southern end of the Escalante Mountains). Most of the trail to it is 2wd; but the trail becomes 4wd closer to the Point. In approaching Bryce Canyon on Utah Rt. 12, instead of turning south to Bryce Canyon, turn north on Utah Rt. 22 going toward Widtsoe Junction. In John's Valley, turn right onto Farm Rd. 132. After 11 miles, turn right at the sign (very small and easy to miss) for Powell Point (another trail comes in from the north here) The trail is very narrow at this junction, but becomes somewhat wider. This trail is pretty much for 4wd trail enthusiasts and is passable in good weather. The trail ends at a turnabout where there is a marked trailhead for PowellPoint. Start down the trail and at the first switchback, continue straight off trail. There is no trail from this point. Climb over and/or around fallen trees and ground cover for appoximately 1500 ft. Where the trees end, you will be on a point just west of Powell Point. Look to the east at Powell Point. The Arch is at the bottom of the Point. You will have to venture out onto loose caliche for a view of the Arch. Be very carefull as it is a long way down. The location of the point from which the Arch is visible is: 37deg.41.202'N 111deg.54.091'W

Photo by
Bob Newman

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