Pisgah Arch
In northeastern Alabama, from State Highway 71 in Jackson County, take County Road 58 northeast toward the little town of Pisgah for a lttle less than 2 miles. At the sign for the Pisgah Civitan Park, turn left. Follow this road to a parking area and park. Walk down the gated road which turns off just before the parking area to a pavilion. Take the trail which starts behind the pavilion and veer to the right, or down stream. About a quarter mile from the pavilion, the trail meets a road. At this intersection, hike down toward L Bryant Creek. The easiest route is to hug the cliff line (as one stands looking toward the stream on the right side) down to the stream. Once at the Creek, boulder-hop across the Creek to gain access to the arch. Beyond the arch is a 60 ft. waterfall.

Photo and directions by
Ray Millar

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