Cathedral and Angel from Overlook
      These arches are in "Arch Canyon" in San Juan County. Drive south from Blanding on US 19 and turn west on Utah Rt. 95, the Bi-Centennial Highway. The road passes through a deep cut in the top of Comb Ridge and descends the west side in a long grade with a big switchback.
      Shortly after arriving at the bottom of the long grade, turn right onto a dirt road. The mouth of Arch Canyon is just a short distance on this road. There is an Indian Ruin at the mouth of the Canyon marked by a sign. It is about 7 1/2 miles up the Canyon to the first arch (Cathedral). While there has been a 4wd trail up the Canyon, it may or may not be passable now. It would be advisable to check at a BLM office before trying it.
      If one continues on Rt. 95, it ascends the west side of the valley. Shortly after reaching the top, a 4wd road turns to the right. This road leads to the overlook from which the author took this photo. It is a short walk from the 4wd road to the overlook. When the author visited, there was no sign indicating the trail to the overlook. Obtain a map and measure mileage to determine where to start hiking.
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