Octopus Arch
Octopus Arch is located east of Hwy 550 between the CO border and Aztec, NM. Traveling south on Hwy 550, get in the left turn lane right after crossing the Animas River. Turn east on CR 2390 and travel through scattered homes. The road turns to dirt with Ditch Canyon on the north side of the road. It is 2.3 miles from the highway to a parking turn-out. You will see a “marker arch” just below the skyline in San Jose sandstone to the right of the road. Cross the wash and walk to this arch at the base of the “beehive formation”. Continue north on the contour for about 200 yards and you will find the subterranean Octopus Arch. You can scramble up and look down on this arch.

Photo and directions
by Debra Van Winegarden

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