North Fence Alcove Arch
See "Golden Cathedral" for directions to the Egypt Trailhead. Follow the route off the rim and hike about 2.5 miles along the left (west) edge of Fence Canyon, taking care not to enter the canyon proper until nearly to North Fence Canyon. This is an old horse trail- not too easy to follow. When the trail starts off the left side heading down into fence Canyon, watch carefully across the canyon (North Fence) for the arch in a series of three small alcoves at the top of a huge head of Navajo sandstone. Rob has not attempted the more complicated climb to the Arch. UTM for arch viewpoint 12S 483152E 4162763N; WGS84. Rough estimate UTM for arch 12S 483250E 4163150N WGS84.

Photo by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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