Mastodon Double Arch
This arch is located in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. From Hwy 191 between Moab and Monticello, Utah, take Hwy 211 to Dugout Ranch. Turn left onto Elk Ridge Rd. (FR 088) for 18 miles to the trailhead for Upper Salt Creek. The trailhead is near Cathedral Butte and is located at UTM12S 613668N 4201048W (WGS 84). Park near a wonderful vista of Upper Salt Creek. Camping is available across the road. It is about a 15 mile round trip hike to Mastodon Double Arch. From the trailhead, hike the main trail off the rim. At about UTM 611806N 4202174W you enter the Park. Continue to Kirk's Cabin and spring (good water). Look west from the Cabin for a good view of Kirk Arch. Continue walking north looking to the west for a view of Elephant Trunk Arch. As the east side walls of the canyon open, you will be in the opening of Big Pocket to the east. You can cut some distance and visit a ruin by going off-route and entering Big Pocket between wall fragments. Leave the main trail, hiking east at about UTM 12S 610562N 4206311W approximately a mile north of Kirk's Cabin. Walk into Big Pocket and generally stay along the right side of the pocket as you hike SE, setting a meandering course toward the buttress with the arch near the head of the pocket. That is, set your course for the arch at: UTM12S 612705N 4205047W. The arch is about 6000 ft. in elevation, not far above the level of the pocket floor.

Directions and photo by Rob Jones

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