Lamanite Arch
Lamanite Arch Because of a mass of wrong information, it took Robert H. Vreeland, the father of Utah arch hunters, 5 years to locate this great arch. From the town of Boulder, drive east on the Burr Trail. At 22.3 miles take the left fork toward the Lampstand. At 24.3 miles fork left again. At 30.1 miles, take the right fork at a corral. At 32.6 miles enter Dixie National Forest, and park at 33.6 miles at The Gulch. Walk downstream in The Gulch for 2 miles to the first canyon on the right; and hike up this canyon to its head. The arch is high on the right. It has a span of 70 ft. Directions by the late Robert H. Vreeland

Photo by
Larry Fogleman

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