Jens' Tree Arch
This arch, Scooby’s Mask Arch, and Triple Bit Arch are all three located in the Dry Fork Canyon branch of Lavender Canyon. They are all located just outside the boundary of the Needles District; but if you don’t have a map of the area, stop at the Visitors Center and buy the “Canyonlands National Park and Vicinity” shaded map. See Druid Arch for directions to the Needles District. From Rt. 211, just after passing Dugout Ranch, turn left onto a 4wd road. Follow this road through a primitive campground and around the north end of Bridger Jack Mesa. If you stay on this shelf around the Mesa, you will avoid entering private property. Eventually the road will drop you down into Lavender Canyon after the private property has been passed. It is about 6 miles up Lavender Canyon to Dry Fork which branches to the left. It is about another mile up Dry Fork to the arches. This arch and Scooby’s Mask are visible from the trail. This is the first of the three arches you come to. Coordinates: 38deg. 1.546’N 109deg.39.176’W

Photo by Shane Brewer

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