House Rock
This unusual formation is thought to have been known to the early Salt Lake Valley pioneers. The author was not aware of it; but happened on it while hiking to the now- collapsed Aardvark Arch. The author used the following directions to Aardvark. There is a good chance someone following these directions could find House Rock with a little searching. West of Salt Lake City, take Exit 62 from I-80 and drive north toward Lakeside. At 15.3 miles keep right onto a gravel road and cross Hill AFB boundary. At 27.7 miles, turn right onto a dirt 4wd road, and park at 30.0 miles at the AFB boundary. Walk beside this boundary line over Gillespie Pass, then go down and to the left, where Aardvark Arch would be visible. House Rock should be visible somewhere along this route. The visitor is cautioned to stay on the road when crossing Hill AFB property. There can be unexploded ordnance on the AFB property.
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