Henefer-Croydon View
Take I/S 80 east of Salt Lake City and take the I/S 84 off- ramp just past Echo Reservoir. Take Exit 112 just past Henefer. Drive under the overpass and park. Both Henefer Arch and Croydon Arch are visible from here. The left arrow points to Henefer Arch while the right arrow points to Croydon Arch. See Henefer Arch and Croydon Arch for closer views. As an added bonus for stopping here, turn back on I/S 84 and drive slowly while watching off to the right. There are several trees in which Great Blue Herons nest. Binoculars are a big help. If you find yourself back at Exit 115, you missed the trees with the nests. Troopers won’t bother you if you pull clear off the highway (just before reaching a culvert).

Photo by
Mark Nielsen

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