Funnel Arch (1)
From downtown Moab drive on Kane Creek Blvd through the "Portal" and continue on this paved road which follows the south shore of the Colorado River. The paved part ends where the road leaves the River and enters Cane Springs Canyon. This part is graded gravel. Continue on the gravel road and stop a short distance before the road descends into the canyon in switchbacks. There is a small turnout on the right opposite a steep wash on the left. See The Trail to funnel Arch for a view looking down this wash. Although it may appear to be impassable, it is actually not that difficult to climb until arriving at a dry waterfall. There used to be a cable hanging down here to assist in climbing the waterfall; but someone has removed it. As it is, rudimentary climbing skills are required. Once over the falls, turn right and pass between two fins and then climb a wash. After a few yards, climb out of the wash and the arch appears. This view shows the top of the "funnel". See Funnel Arch (2) for a view of the bottom of the funnel. See Funnel Arch from the Air for the trail to the arch and other features in the area.
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