Elevator Arch
On Oct. 5, '02, the author accompanied a group of Natural Arch and Bridge Society members on a hike to Short Canyon. This Canyon is in a large area north of the Long Canyon Trail. Take Rt. 313 north of Moab and take the left turn to Dead Horse Point. About 2 miles down the road, the Long Canyon road forks to the left. This road ends at the Jug Handle on the Potash Mine Rd. In descending Long Canyon, it requires 4wd. Somewhere along this road, a rough 4wd trail turns left. It is several miles to the un-marked Short Canyon trailhead. After about a 100 yards, the trail descends a very steep notch into the Canyon. After descending this notch, the arch is visible high on the right. The above description is intended to give the viewer a rough idea of the arch location. Locate a guide in Moab who is acquainted with this Canyon if it is desired to visit this arch. Click on Notch into Short Canyon for a view of the steep trail which descends into the Canyon. Keen Natural Bridge is a short distance up the Canyon (qv).
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